London, life at 100mph

Waking up in London (day one) after a good eight hours sleep, I felt good .. I had woke up intermittently through the night, but felt well rested. After getting my washing done, breakfast and a shower, I felt ready to take on the world again.

Staying with my sister, we had no real plans for the day, apart from the theatre and dinner later. I was happy with this, as after all, I spent 6 years visiting London at least once per month, if not more.

One thing I forgot about London, was the pace in which life moves at .. I was once used to running for buses, tubes and walking as fast as I could through a crowd, but living in New Zealand I’ve become a bit detached from how busy those big cities can be.

one of the iconic London buses

As soon as we stepped out the door, I felt we were going at 100mph. We ran for a bus to connect to another one, with the mission of getting to the Fancy Dress shop to return the bow that my sister used as part of her dress up welcome home mission at the airport.

I looked a sight walking through parts of London with a Bow over my shoulder.

Second summer in London .. I was loving being in a sleeveless t-shirt

Being in London at this stage was still a novelty, I was loving it .. it felt like the time I had had in New Zealand went in a flash, but also as if we had just rewound time to July 2011 again when I was excitedly planning my trip to New Zealand.

When we walked into the fancy dress shop, the woman had automatically recognised my sister, as she had been in a lot, planning the surprise dress up. She excitedly chatted to us for a while, asking me how I felt about the surprise, viewing photos and telling others in the shop how amazing my sister looked at the airport.

After this, it was lunch time and so we jumped on a random bus and got off at a random green space to ear in the sun. It was so lovely and relaxed, although I’m not sure my stomach felt it was quite lunch time.

Picnic in the Park

For the rest of the afternoon, we spent time wondering around random streets, near St Paul’s, Embankment, Oxford Street, Soho, Piccadilly and the West end.

We wondered from Piccadilly Circus to Queens Theatre in the West End, which was a short 10 minute walk, to collect tickets for Les Mis, which we were due to watch later.


Les Mis, is the longest running musical in the World.



Wondering around London, I was in awe at all the buildings and the busy lifestyle. Living in an incomplete and small city in New Zealand, you quickly forget about this. Tickets picked up, we went for another wander around. Our first calling point was at one of my sister favourite tea drinking spots, a funky place called Bubbleology, serving hot, cold, fruit and milk teas, with tapioca balls at the bottom.
The origins of bubble tea date back to Taiwan, were it is known as Pearl milk tea. Bubbleology opened in London in Soho, and is now at five different locations. We went to the Soho branch, as it was round the corner from the theatre.
Bubbleology, Soho


A small venue, the café is made out like a science lab, with the servers dressed in white lab coats. There were so many different options to choose from, in the end I went for a cold fruit lychee tea, it cost £3.75 for a large tea, and it was amazing!
the teas come sealed, and you are issued with a big thick straw to suck up the tapioca balls (which did feel a wee bit strange)
my sister and I at Bubbleology in Soho

After a bit more exploring, we realised that we didn’t have enough time to return home to change into clothes fro the theatre, but had planned in advance and took them with us, so we hopped into the toilets at BHS department store toilets (classy). I shopped a bit more, ended up buying a nice pair of sandals which I ended up living in for my entire trip.


I love the convenience of London Underground, but I’d forgotten how packed and warm it could get

We headed off to Little Italy in Soho for dinner, as we were given a voucher by my mum from Wowcher (similar to grabone in New Zealand). The dinner was ok, but the service was shocking.

We had one wine, our dinner and left. With a wee bit of time in between the theatre, we dropped into another new culinary delight which I had not experienced in London before. My sister introduced me to the Snog shop.

Snog, is a frozen yoghurt shop, which is based in London, but oddly enough in Dubai also. The shop is bright and colourful and has phrases on the wall such as “snogging is healthy and 100% natural.”



The format of this place is you pick the size of frozen yoghurt, the type and the toppings. I choose a large, only because you got a free metal takeaway spoon (sad I know). Safe to say, this was the most amazing frozen yoghurt I’ve had.


Next was the turn of the theatre. I always feel quite cultured going to the theatre and always want to sing everything I say later. We went to watch Les Mis, which was incredible. It cost £25 and we had fairly good seats.

The production was brilliant, but around halfway through I started to get quite tired. Though I picked up with a good intake of sugar filled drinks at the interval.

Les Mis at Queen’s Theatre




After the theatre, before going home, we wandered around the city at night, which is one of my favourite things to do in any city. To see a city in lights, with the hustle and bustle is exciting!
We spent time in and around embankment, which is one of my favourite areas. I love the water!

Piccadilly Circus at night


Big Ben and The London Eye at night


A short train ride home from Waterloo and I was exhausted, and ready for bed. One day in London, and any energy I was attempting to build up from my jet lag, was gone.

Part of London Waterloo station. I’ve missed large train stations that can take you to anywhere in the country.

I have such a love affair with London, I love it, there is so much to see do, but not sure I could live there in a permanent basis.

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