36 hours in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is a Swedish City I knew very little about. It is a city that is overshadowed by the popular and Capital city of Stockholm, and not often explored or written about. None the less, it was a city that I was about to explore, after a spontaenous decision and a few clicks later, I got myself booked on a cheap flight. I decided to go to Gothenburg in order to...

Affordable stays at the Spar Hotel, Marjona, Gothenburg

It can come as no surprise that when visiting any of the Nordic countries, that a trip of any length will be costly. I found this out during trips to Norway and Denmark, when you won’t get much change from a £20 note for lunch.  This can often put people off visiting.  However, it need not to.  With dramatic landscapes, trendy cities, a great history, and...

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