5 Tranquil places to visit in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech in Morocco is a destination that will evoke each of your senses; from the sounds of the snake charmers to those calling out to you to purchase an plethora of items, to the smells of spices and petrol fumes as locals whizz around the incredibly narrow streets on motorbikes.Β Marrakech is a destination where each of your senses is heightened and were you need...

The taste of Morocco with Marrakech Food Tours

When you think of Morocco, and it’s food; what comes to mind are tagines, couscous and freshly brewed mint tea, and having tasted Moroccan food outside of Morocco, I was excited to get there, and eat like the locals did. However, after a few days in the city, I was left feeling disappointed with what I found in many of the restaurants. The tangines tasted...

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